Are you anxious about visiting the Dentist?

We understand that many people are anxious about visiting the dentist, we aim to make the patient journey as relaxing and pain free as possible. Our experienced team are trained to help those patients who are scared of visiting the dentist. This can be achieved with compassion and understanding, or if required, with dental sedation for the very anxious patient.

Sedation is a procedure that makes use of sedative medications to produce a calming experience for the patient that enables the dentist to perform the required procedure. Sedation dentistry is different from general anaesthesia as the patient remains conscious but feels very relaxed.

Dental sedation is a highly skilled procedure and can only be performed by a fully qualified dentist or anaesthetist.

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How the procedure works

A small cannula is placed into a vein in the hand or arm. The sedationist administers one or more drugs into the vein. The amount of drug varies according to the individual patient’s needs and weight. It is accompanied by local anaesthetic injected to the area being treated and this is the main reason why the patient will not feel any pain during the treatment.

This type of sedation is very effective and leaves most patients slightly sleepy for the rest of the day. It produces excellent amnesia (little or no memory of the experience) and this means normally the patient feels that the time spent under sedation was shorter than it actually was.

Conscious sedation is not a replacement for general anaesthetic. At no time is the patient unconscious during the procedure, and will respond to command from the clinical staff and may even hear the conversations taking place. This may not be recalled afterwards due to the amnesia.

The patient is constantly monitored throughout the procedure to ensure the optimum level of sedation is achieved.

Recovery from sedation is a progressive step-down from completion of treatment, through to the patient’s discharge into the care of a responsible adult escort. A specially trained recovery nurse looks after the patient after the dental treatment is complete. The patient will be monitored throughout their time in recovery and will then be discharged by the sedationist.

All patients are individually assessed for their suitability to be discharged by the trained recovery nurse and patients are only allowed to leave when they have returned to a normal level of responsiveness and can walk unaided (if appropriate).

The patient and escort are always provided with written details of post-operative risks and management of possible complications. They will also be given information regarding aftercare arrangements and emergency contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will feel much more relaxed and comfortable. You may feel light headed after the sedation has been administered.

It abolishes fear and anxiety – you will feel detached from the proceedings. The gag reflex will be diminished and your sense of time altered – an hour in the dental chair will seem like minutes.

No, You will not be asleep for the procedure, but the amnesic effect of the sedation alters memory and you may feel like you have been asleep during the appointment.

You are unlikely to feel pain during the treatment. The anaesthetist will give a combination of sedative and pain relief, the dentist will administer local anaesthetic which will numb the area requiring treatment.

Fasting instructions are downloadable on our website as different instructions are applicable for inhalation / IV sedation. These can also be found in the leaflet given to you at the time of assessment.

At your assessment appointment you do not need an escort but we do require parental consent for children at this visit.

At your treatment appointment you will require a suitable escort to stay with you for the rest of that day. Please make sure that you have alternative child care in place. Your escort may not bring children to the appointment. The escort will be responsible for your transport home by car or taxi (public transport is not permitted).

Your escort may stay in the room during the assessment process.

At your treatment appointment we will require your escort to take a seat in the nearby waiting area after the sedative has been administered.

You may feel drowsy after your treatment. We advise that you take the rest of the day off work or school and remain supervised indoors. Driving is also not recommended.

No, on average you will be here for 1-2 hours.

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